Josephine Rooney Duval was born in Ireland and grew up in the United States before studying architecture first at the University of Liverpool in England and then at the University of Virginia in the US. She worked with various firms in Virginia designing homes for private clients. Upon moving to Paris she added a post graduate degree from the Paris Beaux Arts and worked for several years in public housing before setting up her own practice. The experience in public housing was invaluable in learning to create interesting spaces even on a very tight budget.

A bilingual design practice specializing in residential architecture in the Paris area, our aim is to combine our varied cultural backgrounds to give the best of all worlds to our clients.

Our projects blend an Anglo Saxon sense of comfort and practicality with French craftsmanship, all within the strict limits of local building regulations. Through 25 years of experience we have found builders and artisans who produce beautiful stonework, cabinetry, gilding and other traditional finishes. This allows each detail of a project to contribute to the harmony and coherence of the whole whether the style be starkly modern or frankly historical.

The twin starting points for each project are understanding the clients’ needs and dreams and exploring the unique possibilities of the existing space. We take the time to engage the client in the design process from the overall design concept to the choice of the final furnishings.